What is the number of existing- apartment and house sales in each French department?

Data about residential and other property sales are available at https://app.dvf.etalab.gouv.fr/.
Cerema also provides data (DVF and DV3F databases) : https://datafoncier.cerema.fr/.

Else, the number of sales of existing dwellings is not known exactly. It has to be estimated.
It is not possible for now to provide a reliable estimate for every French department.
Nevertheless, it is possible to estimate for each department the number of property sales subject to the regular transaction tax : see § 1.4. of the main page.
These sales include the sales of existing property (excluding for-resale purchases) : apartments and houses 1, but also whole buildings constituted of several residential apartments, parking space and garages, commercial property, as well as VAT-exempt land.

See the methodological notes (in French) about the estimation of the number of existing dwellings in all of France.

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Notes et références

1Individual apartments and houses represent around 2/3 of the number, and 80% of the amount, of property sales subject to the regular transaction tax rate, on average on all of France. These proportions vary depending on the department.

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